How to Increase Your Returns with Tax-Savvy Investing

After market-risk and inflation-risk, which investors take great strides to mitigate through sound investment practices, taxation-risk presents the biggest obstacle to building wealth. A sound investment strategy not only seeks to generate returns on your capital, it also seeks to preserve as much of your capital as possible to keep it working for you.

The Affordable Care Act and Small Business

At times, it seems like it’s been forever since the Affordable Care Act (ACA)—more commonly known as Obamacare—was signed into law; the president’s flagship legislation raised a few eyebrows when it was first announced, and has been embattled ever since.

Future Looks Bright for Small Businesses

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, small businesses represent more than 99 percent of all U.S. employers and have created 65 percent of new jobs in the past 17 years.  It’s obvious how incredible their impact is on America’s economy.  And it’s only getting bigger.  Confidence in U.S.

How to Create Order out of Chaos with Your Financial Records

It should not take the filing of a tax return or a death in the family to finally create order out of paper chaos so you are not forced to scramble in those critical circumstances. The chances of making costly errors are too great not to take some very simple, albeit essential, measures to get and stay organized all year long.

What is a Roth 401(k) anyway?

Several years ago, the IRS started allowing employers to add Roth provisions to their 401(k) plans.  Over time, more employers continue to add the Roth option for their employees.  When an employer offers a Roth 401(k), employees have the option to make contributions either as Roth (after-tax) contributions or traditional (before-tax) contributions.

I Inherited an IRA, Now What?

To answer this question, we first need to ask a couple of questions as the rules vary depending on who you inherited the IRA from.  Upon the death of an IRA owner, the proceeds of the account pass to the beneficiaries as named by the decedent.

What is the secret to financial freedom? ABS!

There are so many books, articles, and business schemes out there touting their ability to provide you with financial freedom.  While many of them offer sound advice, I find they often over-complicate the road to financial success.

In my experience, to potentially achieve financial freedom, you need to remember three simple words:

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