Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Through peaks and troughs, robust bull markets and painful bear markets -- we are here for you.  Our mission is to provide you with steady, unwavering guidance in the quest to reach your financial goals.  Our committment to serving you and being responsive to your needs is the hallmark of our client service.

We provide experienced, professional guidance and portfolio management designed to help protect your assets while enhancing their future value.  With your long-term and short-term objectives as a foundation, we work personally with you and, if you choose, your professional consultants (accountant, tax advisor, attorney) to assemble financial strategies that will reach your goals within your risk tolerance parameters.

We believe in asset allocation and we take a long-term approach to investing.  We do not buy into the latest investment craze and we do not promise extraordinary returns.  Instead, we seek to build portfolios around your risk tolerance that minimize risk while maximizing return given your parameters.  We constantly monitor your assets but will only recommend changes when we strongly believe there is a need.

Our approach is always personal.  Whether targeted to one person, an employer group, or spanning generations of a family, our individualized service and advice is based on one fundamental principal.  We strive to know you -- your hopes, dreams, needs and wants -- and we take seriously our responsibility as custodians of your financial future.

You are not just another account number to us.  You are an individual with a name and a face and a family -- a past, a present, and a future.  Putting you first is fundamental to the way we do business.  It is the only way we do business and it is the reason we continue to experience strong growth.

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